Configure WebSocket Listeners for VerneMQ.

VerneMQ supports the WebSocket protocol out of the box. To be able to open a WebSocket connection to VerneMQ, you have to configure a WebSocket listener or Secure WebSocket listener in the vernemq.conf file first:

listener.ws.default =

listener.wss.wss_default =
# To use WSS, you'll have to configure additional options for your WSS listener (called `wss_default` here):
listener.wss.wss_default.cafile = ./etc/cacerts.pem
listener.wss.wss_default.certfile = ./etc/cert.pem
listener.wss.wss_default.keyfile = ./etc/key.pem

Keep in mind that you'll use MQTT-over-WebSocket, so you will need a Javascript library that implements the MQTT client behaviour. We have used the Eclipse Paho client as well as MQTT.js

You won't be able to open WebSocket connections on a base URL, always add the /mqtt path.

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