Last updated 5 months ago

Every VerneMQ node has to be configured. Depending on the installation method and chosen platform the configuration file vernemq.conf resides at different locations. If VerneMQ was installed through a Linux package the default location for the configuration file is /etc/vernemq/vernemq.conf.

File Format

  • A single setting is handled on one line.

  • Lines are structured Key = Value

  • Any line starting with # is a comment, and will be ignored

Minimal Quickstart configuration

You certainly want to try out VerneMQ right away. For that you could disable authentication like so:

  • Set allow_anonymous = on

By default the vmq_acl authorization plugin is enabled and configured to allow publishing and subscribing to any topic, see here for more information.

Warning: Setting allow_anonymous=on completely disables authentication in the broker and plugin authentication hooks are never called! See more information about the authentication hooks here. Further, in a production system you should configure vmq_acl to be less permissive or configure some other plugin to handle authorization.