Everything you must know to properly configure VerneMQ

Every VerneMQ node has to be configured as the default configuration probably does not match your needs. Depending on the installation method and chosen platform the configuration file vernemq.conf resides at different locations. If VerneMQ was installed through a Linux package the default location for the configuration file is /etc/vernemq/vernemq.conf.

General Format of the vernemq.conf file

  • A single setting is handled on one line.

  • Lines are structured Key = Value

  • Any line starting with # is a comment, and will be ignored.

Minimal Quickstart Configuration

You certainly want to try out VerneMQ right away. To just check the broker without configured authentication for now, you can allow anonymous access:

  • Set allow_anonymous = on

By default the vmq_acl authorization plugin is enabled and configured to allow publishing and subscribing to any topic (basically allowing everything), check the section on file-based authorization for more information.

Setting allow_anonymous=on completely disables authentication in the broker and plugin authentication hooks are never called! Find the details on all the authentication hooks here. In a production system you should configure vmq_acl to be less permissive or configure some other plugin to handle authorization.

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