HTTP Listeners

How to setup and configure the HTTP listener.

The VerneMQ HTTP listener is used to serve various VerneMQ subsystems such as:

By default listener runs on port 8888. To disable the HTTP listener, use a HTTPS listener instead or change the port, adapt the configuration in vernemq.conf:

listener.http.default =

You can have multiple HTTP(s) listener listening to different port and running different modules:

listener.https.default =
listeners.https.default.http_modules = vmq_status_http, vmq_health_http, vmq_metrics_http

listener.https.mgmt =
listeners.https.mgmt.http_modules = vmq_mgmt_http

This configuration snippet defines two HTTPS listeners with different modules. One for default traffic and one for management traffic. It specifies which HTTP modules will be enabled on each listener, allowing for status, health, and metrics information to be retrieved from the default listener and providing a web-based interface for managing and monitoring VerneMQ through the management listener.

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