Welcome to the VerneMQ documentation! This is a reference guide for most of the available features and options of VerneMQ. The Getting Started guide might be a good entry point.

For a more general overview on VerneMQ and MQTT, you might want to start with the introduction.

For downloading the subscription-based binary VerneMQ packages and/or a quick description on how to compile VerneMQ from sources, see Downloads.

How to help improve this documentation

The VerneMQ Documentation project is an open-source effort, and your contributions are very welcome and appreciated. You can contribute on all levels:

  • Language, style and typos

  • Fixing obvious documentation errors and gaps

  • Providing more details and/or examples for specific topics

  • Extending the documentation where you find this useful to do

Note that the documentation is versioned according to the VerneMQ releases. You can click the "Edit on Github" button in the upper right corner of every page to check what branch and document you are on. You can then create a Pull Request (PR) against that branch from your fork of the VerneMQ documentation repository. (Direct edits on Github are possible for members of the documentation repository).

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