Description and Configuration of the Graphite exporter

The graphite exporter reports the broker metrics at a fixed interval (defined in milliseconds) to a graphite server. The necessary configuration is done inside the vernemq.conf.

graphite_enabled = on
graphite_host =
graphite_port = 2003
graphite_interval = 20000
graphite_api_key = YOUR-GRAPHITE-API-KEY
graphite.interval = 15000

You can further tune the connection to the Graphite server:

# set the connect timeout (defaults to 5000 ms)
graphite_connect_timeout = 10000

# set a reconnect timeout (default to 15000 ms)
graphite_reconnect_timeout = 10000

# set a custom graphite prefix (defaults to '')
graphite_prefix = vernemq

The above configuration parameters can be changed at runtime using the vmq-admin script. Usage: vmq-admin set = ... [[--node | -n] | --all] Example: vmq-admin set graphite_interval=20000 graphite_port=2003 -n VerneMQ@

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