Accepting the VerneMQ EULA

To use the VerneMQ pre-built packages and Docker images you have to accept the VerneMQ EULA. Make sure to read and understand the EULA before accepting it.

For OS Packages

Accepting the EULA for OS packages can be done by either changing the accept_eula line in the vernemq.conf file from no to yes or accepting the EULA the first time starting VerneMQ. In general, the installation of VerneMQ OS packages is now a 3 step process:

  1. If you install the package with tools like dpkg (example: sudo dpkg -i vernemq-1.10.0.xenial.x86_64.deb), VerneMQ will install but will fail to start due to the missing EULA acceptance.

  2. Accept the EULA by running sudo vernemq chkconfig or by adding the following line to your vernemq.conf file: accept_eula = yes.

  3. Start/restart VerneMQ with: sudo systemctl restart vernemq.

For Docker Images

For Docker images the EULA can be accepted by setting the environment variableDOCKER_VERNEMQ_ACCEPT_EULA=yes, for Docker Swarm add DOCKER_VERNEMQ_ACCEPT_EULA: yes to the environment.

For the Helm chart the EULA for the Docker images can be accepted by extending the additionalEnv section with:

additionalEnv: - name: DOCKER_VERNEMQ_ACCEPT_EULA value: "yes"

and similarly for the VerneMQ Operator, to accept the EULA for the Docker images, the env can be extended with:

env: - name: DOCKER_VERNEMQ_ACCEPT_EULA value: "yes"

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